There are many benefits of finger painting for children of all ages; including babies. The thought of doing such a messy activity at home puts many parents off. I present to you a no mess finger painting activity that will keep your little ones entertained. 

Before I had kids I would cringe at the thought of doing messy craft activities at home. Thankfully, for everyone, I have become much more relaxed about this idea. I have slowly learned that mess is not important; especially when the kids are having fun and are being provided with an opportunity to express their creativeness. Paint! However, is usually the one thing that parents. including me, draw the line at doing indoors. This method of finger painting, takes very little time to set up and will guarantee little to no mess...UNDER SUPERVISION OF COURSE!

Research has shown that art activities are important for brain development in early childhood. Sensory play is when kids learn through their senses. Sensory integration is a developmental process where touch, taste, hearing and vision are part of brain development for later spatial, math and language concepts.

Finger painting is an easy activity that has physical, creative and social benefits for your child.

  1. Kids learn about colours; mixing colours and making new colours

  2. The mixing of colors teaches your child about their colors and how to create new colors.

  3. Good for Sensory Integration ~ senses of hearing, touching, smelling and tasting are used

  4. Improves fine motor developmental, strengthens finger and hand muscles

  5. The focus is on the process and not finished product; kids will use their imagination and creativity

  6. It is therapeutic or emotionally soothing; kids can express their feelings without words ~ Stimulates creativity and imagination

  7. Finger painting as a group activity promotes communication and social skills-sharing paint pots, taking turns, working together.

  8. Most importantly, it is FUN!


Materials needed:

Paper or card, plastic wrap, wide tape and poster paints

* you will also probably want to do the activity on top of newspaper

Simply dollop some different colours of paint onto a sheet of paper or card. Gently lay a sheet of plastic wrap over the paper and tape down along the full length of each side. 

Let the kids go for it! 

It may even progress into them wanting to experiment with other tools asides from their hands.