Autumn Sticky Fine Art by Kids

Autumn Sticky Fine Art by Kids

I can’t tell how long I’ve been wanting to set up this art prompt. Literally since last Autumn and it’s been on the agenda for a few weeks this Autumn too!! We’re now officially in the last part of Autumn and there is an abundance of absolutely stunning colours everywhere we look at the moment. It’s always hard saying bye to Summer but warm sunny Autumn days like the last few make the approach to Winter so much better. I mean check out those colours from our trip to the local playground!!

autumn leaves

So we took those, and a few other treasures from last week’s autumn nature hunt, and turned them into this….

Autumn Sticky Fine Art

I like to refer to it as AUTUMN STICKY FINE ART…and boy I do love it. I’m not a fan of using plastic in our activities and do try to avoid it at all costs but this is a keeper that we’ll treasure for many years to come.



Sticky Fine Art

I started by attaching a piece of sticky back plastic WITH THE PAPER BACKING STILL ON IT to a window using blue tac. Lucky to have these sliding door windows so could hang it low to the ground. Once it was attached I removed the paper covering and presto! The kids are ready to roll with pressing their leaves onto the sticky surface.

The quality of my sticky back plastic may not have been the greatest but I found that our 4 year old found the bigger leaves more difficult to stick, and I would definately suggest doing this one sooner rather than later after you have collected the leaves. Once they lose moisture, they crumble quite easily once pressed onto the backing. The alternative to doing this on a window, and reducing this problem would be to just lay it our flat on the floor, but that’s less fun.


Sticky Wall Fine Art

Take the sticky back plastic from the window and lay on a flat surface, sticky leaf side up and cover with wax, parchment or tracing paper. We used parchment paper. Next, laydown a towel and iron over the paper, pressing which heats and presses it firmly onto the paper, whilst at the same time flattening the leaves.

Sticky Fine Art

This is what it looks like once flipped over again. I trimmed the edges to remove the excess paper, punched three holes along one edge and attached it to a piece of driftwood using some twine. It’s currently hung above a cabinet in our dining room and I think it looks great.

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