Crepe Paper Flower Basket

Crepe Paper Flower Basket

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This was an invitation to create a flower basket using different colors of crepe paper. An adult will need to set this up for younger children, who can then be left to stick their flowers onto the contact paper. 

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You will need:

  • Card
  • Paper Doily
  • Contact Paper
  • Range of colors of crepe paper
  • Craft knife, scissors and pencil

To start, we cut the woven trim from around the solid inner circle of one of the paper doilies. Using the solid inner circle as a template, we cut a circle out of a piece of card. Then we placed a piece of contact paper to the back so that the sticky side shows through the circle; this is what the doily basket and flowers will stick to. 

To make the doily basket shape, we used the circle template to cut a 'part' circle shape out of one of the paper doilies so that it resembled a basket with handles; this was then stuck to the card and contact paper. 

Next you will need to cut lots of pieces of crepe paper into squares. They don't need to be exact squares. Ours were roughly 2 cm pieces. Using the end of a pencil, or straw or anything with a blunt rounded end ( we used a cotton bud), press the end into a piece of crepe paper and wrap it round. Then push it down onto the contact paper. This will resemble a flower shape.  (see video below)

Kids aged 5+ will easily be able to manage creating and sticking the flowers onto the contact paper using a pencil or cotton bud, younger kids may need help with this part; or they could simple scrunch up pieces of crepe paper in the hand and stick to the crepe paper. This still creates a pretty flower effect. 

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