We made some salty puffy paint using only 3 main ingredients plus some food dye for a colorful, creative artwork activity which resulted in some really cool sparkly textures when dried.

Puffy Paint Artwork for kids

To make the puffy paint we used a 1:1 ratio of salt and flour (we used self raising flour but any flour will work).

Recipe: (per color - these volumes made more than enough for the three of us to produce plenty of artwork)

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
food dye



You can get the kids involved with helping to make the puffy paint recipe. All you need to do is add the flour and salt to the bowl with a couple of drops (or more) of food dye. Next slowly add some water and stir. We probably added about a 1/2 cup to begin with. You want to create a super thick liquid (but not a dough). Keep adding the water slowly until you get the consistency that you want. I've a video below which will show you how we did this. Don't worry if you add too much water as you can simply add more flour to thicken it. 


Here's were the fun part really begins. Add your puffy paint to a zip lock bag (we always keep used bags for activities like this). Squeeze the contents into one of the bottom corners so that you have a sort of cone shape. It may help younger kids if you then secure this with an elastic band so that the contents don't end up being squeezed back up out of the bag. Then cut a very small hole in the corner (seriously start with the teeniest hole and make it bigger if you need to). You're now ready to get creative. We used black card and love the results from this. Kids can simply squeeze the paint out and create patterns, pictures or even write with it.

Once the design has been made, leave the artwork to dry. We left ours in the sun and it was completely dry within 2-3 hours. The result is a raised, sparkly, crispy texture.  

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