unicorn craft

We turned this craft into Mother's Day crafts. It's a really colorful activity using watercolor paints and watercolor paper.  Creating the rainbow paper is suitable for children aged 3+, however younger children will need help with the template and tying the knots in the unicorns mane. 

You will need
Watercolor paints
Watercolor paper
Paper towels
Unicorn head template ( I found one on google)
Hole punch

You will want to lay down newspaper or a table cloth as this part can get messy.

Rainbow Unicorn infographic.png

To make the Rainbow Paper - we used A3 watercolor paper, the larger the better for more colorful creativity. To begin, fold the paper in half. Mix the watercolor paints with water so they are easily sucked up with a dropper and a little color should go a long way. Children can then add drops of color to ONE SIDE of their paper.  

Once enough color has been added, carefully fold the paper over and press down. You may need to mop up some color that squeezes out the side. Open the paper up and admire the symmetrical pattern created. Use paper towel to absorb excess water that may have gathered in the centre. 

Let dry. Ours took about 30 minutes sitting in a sunny spot by the window. 

Rainbow Unicorn Paper

Cut out the unicorn head shape from the watercolor paper and punch some holes along the edge where you will form the mane. Next using some colorful strips of yarn, create a loop and feed it through the hole, pulling the rest of the yarn through the loop. Do this with each hole to create a colorful unicorn mane.

Use multicolored felts to write a rainbow message.

Watercolor Unicorn Craft
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