Tissue paper Flowers craft for kids

This cute super easy set up craft doesn't require a heap of materials and is a perfect craft activity for preschoolers too. Younger kids who are not confident with scissors will require help with cutting out the circles of tissue paper, otherwise all other children will easily be able to complete this activity independently.

You will need:

Tissue paper (different colors will allow for a more vibrant effect)
A lid (as a template for a circle)
Pipe Cleaner
Green Ribbon (optional)

Start by folding on of the pieces of tissue paper as many times as required so that the lid will still fit on the paper to draw a circle. Holding the tissue paper tight, cut around the circle so that you end up with multiple circles pieces of tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Flowers Infographic.png

Using the end of the pipe cleaner, there should be a very small exposed pieces of metal, push the center of the tissue paper circle onto the pipe cleaner. Repeat with alternating colors of tissue paper. We added around 20 circles, but you can have a play around depending on the size of lid you used. Gently fold the end of the pipe cleaner over to secure the tissue paper. 

One by one, starting with the top piece of tissue paper, pinch and twist the paper to begin making the flower shape. Work your way along each piece of tissue paper, pinching an twisting. The final result should be a flower that resembles a carnation shape. Green ribbon can be tied into a bow shape to create a leaf affect if you have some at hand. 

Tissue Paper Flowers Pin.png
Tissue Paper Flowers Square.png
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