We just love using nature in art projects, and this hands on process art activity was so easy and a whole lot of fun. It’s a great one for kids who love nature scavenger hunts and it brings in some elements of fine motor practice too.


We started with a quick jaunt around our garden. I’ve really gone to town with planting lots of colourful flowers this year, and we’re delighted with just how many more bees and butterflies we are noticing. March spells the start of Autumn here in New Zealand but generally is a warm month and our flowers should continue to flourish right into April….fingers crossed.

The girls are huge flower fans. I’ve had to educate them on not picking them all the time as they are so important for our pollinator insects. They’ve really taken on this idea and have become so respectful, only picking those that have already fallen; or those that look ready to wilt.

pressed flower stamps

We headed out for a winder to collect a few flowers for our art project. I wish I could tell you the names of the different varieties; unfortunately my knowledge is not great. We did however, have a few pansies of different colours and geraniums among our haul, which worked really well. Part of the fun is experimenting with different types of flowers and colours.

flower pressing for kids

I set up a board (actually it was the backing of an old framed picture) onto the lounge floor with our flowers, small pieces of white card, a piece of cardboard from a cereal box and a hammer. We tried a couple of different techniques to press the flowers onto the card.

flower stamps prints

First we tried placing the flower onto the card, placing another piece of card over it and hitting it with a hammer. When the card was lifted off, the kids gently peeled the flower from the card which had pressed some of the colour onto the card.

flower pressing kids

We also tried hitting the flower directly with the hammer, which was effective with some of the bigger petals but not so much with the smaller delicate ones. I would suggest letting the children practice some different techniques and discover for themselves if they should use a piece of card over the flower or hit it directly with the hammer. They will also learn that some flowers require more pressure than others when it comes to pressing them with the hammer.

flower pressing

We thought that the colours were so pretty and we liked how some flowers pressed into the card and left a flower shape behind. The project was really hands on and it was fun to watch the kids enjoying using the hammer in art, something they had never experienced before; making this an also ideal opportunity for the children to get some fine motor practice in as well as talk about safely using the hammer.

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flower pressing


Invitation to create a Nature Crown

Invitation to create a Nature Crown