Today we returned to a process art activity that was a real hit with the kids a few months ago. We call it bubble art and it’s so much fun!

Bubble Art

We’re all about the hungry caterpillar at the moment. Since this well loved book character is turning 50, there’s been a hive of caterpillar themed activities (like our caterpillar paper chain) taking place in our house over the last few days and likely a few more to come. The kids enjoyed their last bubble art session so much, I thought it would be an excellent way to create a caterpillar art project and craft project rolled into one.

This activity is so easy to set up!

You will need:

  • Food Dye (red and green)

  • a few drops dish wash liquid

  • some straws (we re-used some old plastic straws)

  • small pieces of paper (watercolor is a good option, but we just used plain printing paper)

  • scissors

  • paper binders

  • wooden skewers or craft sticks

  • paper towels (to mop up spills)

Untitled design (14).png

Add a few drops of color to a small container of water, we used a round container as it helped with created a circular shape for the caterpillar. To this, add a few drops of dish wash liquid. Set up on a tray or table mat; I placed it directly on top of the paper towel to limit mess.

Next invite children to blow through a straw to create lots of bubbles. This activity will probably not work too well with children under 3. Here our 4 year old managed it perfectly and didn’t suck up any of the solution; which by the way is not going to be terribly harmful if they accidentally suck up a small amount. I would imagine the taste will be enough to ensure they avoid doing it again.

bubble art

One we had collected a few samples of each colour, we set to work cutting them out, arranging them into a chain and using a gold paper binder to attach the pieces. I cut out some small pieces of paper for the eyes and mouth, then used black paper folded into a concertina to make springy antennae. I attached two wooden skewers, one either end, to help give our puppet some movement.


We read through the story and talked about the different foods that our hungry friend munched through. I think it would be great to follow this up with some bubble art fruit and may return to this project later in the week.

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The Hungry Caterpillar Paper Chain Craft

The Hungry Caterpillar Paper Chain Craft